Lasting as long as 58 regular aersol cans*, Mortein's Naturgard AICS will keep you and your home continuously protected from flying insects and ants.Now with a subtle Citronella scent as an added bonus!Citronella is a proven, natural, insect repellent.

Also available in: 236 ml refill

 The Mortein NaturGard Automatic Control System is a product that controls flying insects and ants. The micro diffuser releases a mist at 15 minute intervals that keep the home protected 24 hours a day for continued peace of mind.The typical aerosol will release product in 2 second, what the automatic system releases in a period of 24 hour, and doesn’t compromise on efficacy. This means that 1 Naturgard Refill lasts as long as 58 Aerosol cans!Just set and forget!

 With a green comforting indicator light that reminds you that you are protected It can be switched on and off, in case you will be away, giving you the ability to control   usage Cost effective: 1 Refill = 58 Aerosol cans Stylish moutable unit Continuous protection from pests, for 24 hour peace of mind

The stylish mountable unit, should be positioned at the entry point of insects.For continuous control of flying insects and ants in your home wall mount the diffuser in a suitable location and switch on. The system releases a burst of mist every 15 minutes to control flying insects and ants in your home.1. Choose where you want to mount your diffuser. Recommended rooms include lounge & family rooms, away from immediate food preparation, children activity and pet sleeping areas. Mount     the diffuser at least 2m high from the floor and not closer than 300mm from the ceiling facing     an open area (refer to wall mounting guide below).2. To open the diffuser, depress the button on the top and pull the front cover forward.3. Ensure the switch is in the OFF position. Insert 2 x AA batteries. Ensure the batteries are correctlyinserted by aligning the positive (+) and negative (-) terminals.4. Insert the refill can, with the nozzle facing outwards. Change the switch from OFF to ON.5. When activated, a flashing green light indicates that the device is working and it will spray after a delay of 15 seconds (and then every 15 minutes after that).6. If there is no green light, check the batteries are inserted correctly. If it fails to spray, please read the TROUBLE-SHOOTING directions. Batteries need to be replaced when the green light stops flashing or when the diffuser stops spraying.7. When refill can is empty, replace with Target-Mortein NaturGard Automatic Indoor Insect Control System aerosol refills only.

 Great to use in the lounge and family rooms even when well ventilated