Get proactive about bug control and strike before creepy-crawlies even reach the threshold of your home. This potent water-based, non-stain outdoor insecticide protects your house from crawling insects before they can muscle their way inside

Also available in: 300 ml

Provides the first line of defence against unwanted home invaders such as cockroaches, spiders, ants and other crawling insects. Mortein Barrier Outdoor Surface Spray kills on contact to keep the inside of your home bug-free for up to 3 months. One 300ml can is sufficient for barrier protection, giving you peace of mind

Kills insects on contact.
Stops crawling insects outside before they get inside for up to 3 months.
Micro capsules that encapsulate the insecticide, slowly releasing it.
Outdoor formula specially formulated to kill cockroaches, ants and other crawling insects.
Non-stain formula, water-based.
Low in Odour.

Remove "Tear of Tab" on trigger prior to first use. Shake can well. Keep can as upright as possible and hold at about 20-25 cm from surface. Spray all infested areas an insect hiding places. Do not spray directly on plants. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR INDOOR USE.
To provide complete barrier protection be sure to spray around the house perimeter, under eaves, under window frames, behind downpipes and under side of guttering, under the house, around sheds in sheltered areas and anywhere else that insects are known to be hiding. For best results spray onto sheltered outdoor surfaces an areas protected from rain and sunlight in the still of the morning or evening. One 300ml can should be sufficient for barrier protection of the average home. Leave sprayed surfaces undisturbed.
Treatment Directions:
For direct kill spray: Spray towards insects.
For barrier protection: For protection against cockroaches, ants, spiders, flies, mosquitoes and wasps.
Ensure all sources of ignition are extinguished - spray infested area or insect hiding places such as skirting boards, kitchen cupboards, hot water pipes under sinks, hot water tanks and behind stoves.
Spray these areas thoroughly from about 15-20cm. Surround inaccessible places with a barrier spray.

Against cockroaches: Spray external door jambs, air vents, cracks and crevices and any other entry points.
Against ants: Spray around and in garbage bins, food disposal areas and entry points.
Against spiders: Spray around eaves and wherever webs appear.
Against Flies & Mosquitoes: Apply as residual surface treatment on sheltered windowsills e.g. door jambs.
Against Wasps: Apply as residual surface treatment on sheltered surfaces.

Only recommended for outdoor use