How to get rid of mosquitoes

Mosquitoes can be highly annoying, distracting us during the day and night and giving us those tell-tale painful bites when we least expect it. The following is a short guide on killing mosquitoes, including the best products for the most effective, long-lasting results.

How to kill mosquitoes in the home

If you have mosquitoes disturbing your day-to-day life at home, it is best to take a two-step approach. The first and most immediate concern for you is figuring out how to kill mosquitoes in the house before you are covered in a thousand painful bites!

The surefire way to kill mosquitoes indoors is to use a product designed for that purpose. The Mortein Multi Insect Aerosol is a mosquito, fly and cockroach killer with a 100% kill guarantee*. To use, shake the can and aim the unique dual-purpose nozzle at the mosquito, spraying directly on the pest.

You may also want to target places where mosquitoes like to hide, such as behind curtains. As well as helping kill the mosquitoes, the triple-active formula in this product comes complete options of a lemon or floral fragrance to leave your home smelling fresh as well as being mosquito-free.

You can also use the Mortein NaturGard Complete Indoor Automatic Insect Control System as continuous protection to help eliminate mosquitoes at home. Available in original scent and as eucalyptus refill, this mosquito machine begins acting in just 5 minutes* and knocks down mosquitoes twice as fast* as other plug-in products.

The active ingredient (or chemical) used to kill mosquitoes in this product is the latest generation synthetic pyrethroid, Transfluthrin – a fast-acting insecticide. To use, simply remove the cap and insert the liquid vaporiser bottle into the specially designed electric heating machine. Plug it in, switch on and enjoy all-day protection against mosquitoes.

A short note on killing mosquitoes outside

There are two stages at which mosquitoes can be killed – the larvae stage and the adult stage. While most household methods for eliminating mosquitoes is targeted towards adult mosquitoes – that is, those tiny flying insects that deliver those itchy red bites – there are ways you can tackle mosquitoes at the larvae stage too. You will need to venture outside for this – and find places where mosquitoes might be breeding.

To double up your mosquito-fighting efforts we offer you the Mortein Liquid Mosquito Repellent System that you can plug into walls in individual rooms for peaceful nights.


* dependent on the product you are using according to label instructions