Birds in cages should be kept away from sprays to avoid excessive exposure to the constant aerosol spray which may build up in and around the cage.

It is not advisable to use in the kitchen. The spray should not be directed towards food and food preparation areas.

It is not advisable to use in baby nursery. The product is to be used in well ventilated rooms away from children's activity and play areas.

Yes. It is safe to use in carpeted areas. However, increased soiling of the carpet may occur when used in high traffic areas or above light coloured carpets.

If the product is sprayed onto furniture it should be cleaned off with a clean dry cloth or warm soapy water.

No. Due to the fact that the NaturGard product has to be release at 15minute intervals and a certain percentage of product is released per burst.

No. Over 24 hours, the system disperses no more than a single 2 seconds sprays of regular spray.

It will take approximately 3 hours to reach full effectiveness.

As long as it is well ventilated rooms away from children's activity and play areas.

There is no need to turn the product off whilst on holidays however it would make financial sense to do so. It is recommended to turn off if away for more than a week.

Yes the product is safe to use in a house with either wallpapered or painted walls. The product should, however, not be pointed directly at a wall.

The product should be used in well ventilated rooms. If being used in a small room it is advisable to have the door or window open.

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